Solar Panel Efficiency

Solar panel efficiency refers to the amount of ambient light that can be converted into usable electricity. There are two ways to evaluate photovoltaic solar efficiency: You can look at solar cell efficiency or at solar panel efficiency. Solar cell efficiency is the amount of light that the individual solar cell converts to electricity. Solar cells are placed next to one another on top of a backsheet and are covered by glass to make up a solar panel.


Solar Panel Reliability

Simply put, solar panel reliability is all about time – it is how many years your system will last, based on normal conditions. Many solar manufacturers say their products have gone through rigorous industry certifications, such as UL and IEC. But that hairdryer you bought has a UL certification; it doesn’t mean it’s a high-quality product, only that you won’t be electrocuted while using it! Such certifications are for safety only; they do not guarantee consistent performance over the life of the panel.


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