SunPower® panels lift energy savings in 18 new Western Australian apartments

In May 2009, the construction of eighteen leading-edge apartments was completed in Augusta, Western Australia. The Seine Bay Apartments have stunning ocean and river views, but they have something much more unusual: the latest sustainable systems and features all built-in, including a SunPower photovoltaic system on each rooftop. The company behind the development, New Wave Property, has for years been enthusiastic about energy saving methods for private homes, but this is the first Seine Bay development to make sustainability the centre piece. New Wave Property were certain that the market was finally ready. They chose SunPower panels because their high efficiency meant fewer panels were needed on each roof. Their grouping could be uniform and compact, so the panels would beautifully complement the design of the apartments.

Project Overview

Location:    Augusta, Western Australia
SunPower Product:    SPR-215-WHT
System size:    27 kWp
Number of Panels:    126
Covered Surface Area:    151 m2

  • Supplies about 50% of each apartment’s electricity
  • Saves each apartment owner AU$ 346 per year
  • Saves 45 tonnes per year of CO2 for all 18 apartments
  • Gives the apartments great buyer appeal
SunPower Panels Lift Energy Savings in 18 New Western Australian Apartments

Just 7 SunPower panels do the job of 12 ordinary panels, so we could group the panels on one side of each roof and make it all look very attractive.”

– James Challis, Seine Bay Pty Ltd.