SunPower® Solar Panels Power Green Building

This project is an inspiration to the world and a vision that became reality. Autograph your work with excellence by using SunPower’s proven, reliable technology.”

– Ulrich Lorenzen, Lumière Technologies

SunPower® solar panels power green building

House Gaia, an upscale residential property in Cape Town, combines architectural design with proven sustainable building principles. Along with other energy efficient features, the project architects chose to install a high efficiency SunPower system on the roof, providing the building with 15 kW of solar power.

Energy is a critical topic in South Africa, as demand is continuously increasing while the capacities of the national utilities are limited. In addition to rising energy costs, residential and commercial owners are also facing an increasing risk of rolling blackouts. In a country with abundant sunlight, photovoltaic (PV) systems guarantee a stable and reliable electrical supply and provide energy independence.

Lumière Technologies, a SunPower Authorised Partner in South Africa, recommended SunPower technology based on the company’s unrivalled track record, proven reliability and energy performance.

Project Overview

Location:    Cape Town, South Africa
SunPower Product:    SPR 305 Solar Panels
System size:    15kW
Annual Energy Production:    25.343 kWh
Number of Panels:    48
Covered Surface Area:    78m²

  • Will reduce carbon emission by 25 tons per year, equal to planting 50-65 trees
  • High system reliability
  • Secure long-term investment
  • Energy independence