With a SunPower® System the Gnadl Family Covers Their Annual Electricity Needs by 400%

We recommend SunPower to our customers because the SunPower panels offer unique quality and deliver supreme performance.

– Claudius Falke, Lichtinger GmbH

Solar energy is not only an attractive investment option for companies with a vast roof area that lets them generate huge quantities of electricity. A powerful solar system can just as easily be installed on a private house. Over and above the ecological payoff, small solar energy projects are also a financially sound investment. This was the conclusion reached by the Gnadl family from Straßkirchen, Germany. With the help of SunPower high-efficiency technology and a SunPower Authorised Partner, it took very little time for a high-quality solar system to be installed on the roof of their home. The system went live in October 2009. Since then the neat single-family house with 160 m2 of living space has not just consumed electricity, but also produced clean energy which is fed into the public utility grid day by day. The annual estimated output of over 20000 kWh will cover their complete electricity requirements four times over – a valuable contribution, given society’s growing energy requirements.

Project Overview

Location:    Straßkirchen, Germany
SunPower Product:    SPR-210-WHT
System size:    19.11 kWp
Annual Energy Production:    20065 kWh (estimated)
Number of Panels:    91
Covered Surface Area:    110 m²

  • Reduces the consumption of non-renewable energies by 20000 kWh/year
  • System installed in just 2 days
  • 400% of a family’s annual electricity needs supplied with eco-friendly energy
  • Attractive investment in a form of energy production with a promising future