SunPower® Technology Heralds “Dawn of New Era” of Power Generation in Western Australia

This is very much the dawning of a new era for the Midland Railway Workshops... [as] the power being generated is clean, green and renewable and uses SunPower technology which is considered to be among the most efficient and innovative solar power technology available.

– Kieran Kinsella, CEO, Midland Redevelopment Authority

Opened in 1904, the Midland Railway Workshops significantly contributed to the economy, industry and development of Western Australia. Today, the buildings are heritage listed and house The Atelier - Western Australia's first creative industries centre. Traditionally, large coal fired steam engines powered the site and, in fitting contrast; a SunPower photovoltaic system - the most efficient solar technology readily available today - has been installed on the Foundry and Pattern Shop buildings.

As one of five iconic solar projects under the Perth Solar City program, the installation is part of a broader community initiative to trail practical and innovative ways to be more energy efficient. 201 high-efficiency SunPower 300-watt solar panels have been installed on the rooftops of The Foundry and Pattern Shop buildings. The electricity generated will be used to power the Midland Atelier and any excess will be fed back into the power grid. 

The Perth Solar City program is part of the Australian Government's $94m Federal Solar Cities programme.

Project Overview

System size:    60.3 kWp
Product:    SPR-300-WHT-I
Expected Energy Production:    97MWh pa
Number of panels:    201

  • reduction of 94 tonnes of CO2 per annum entering the atmosphere
  • increased community awareness of solar power
  • educational resource to demonstrate the operation of solar power systems