Bunnings Store Turns Its Roof Into a Solar Plant Producing Electricity

SunPower high-efficiency panels were perfect for the application.”

– John McGregor, Project Manager Sustainability for Bunnings

In October 2009, a 30 kWp SunPower® solar rooftop system was commissioned at the Belconnen Bunnings Warehouse in the ACT. The purpose of the system was primarily for Bunnings to learn about solar technology and its benefits.

"The motivation behind this project was to give us a better understanding of current renewable energy technologies and the future potential to reduce electricity-related greenhouse gas emissions" said John McGregor, Project Manager - Sustainability for Bunnings. "We had a report done by Murdoch University. Out of that report came two recommendations: that we should begin to investigate solar and wind as a solution. We see solar as being the most mature and reliable of the two options."

Bunnings started researching and identifying solar companies in Australia that could offer a comprehensive solution, from project design through to installation and commissioning. SunPower's high efficiency panels were perfect for the application" said Mr McGregor.

Project Overview

System size:    30 kWp
Product:    SPR-225-WHT
Area of system:    164 m2
Number of panels:    132

  • Gaining insights on PV technology, from design to installation
  • Promoting the Bunnings brand, and its wider sustainability goals and objectives
  • Actively reducing peak energy demand through energy efficiency and management measures
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions in an active business setting